Expulsion, Student Discipline and Education Law

We all have constitutional rights to education that requires that these significant property interests not be taken away arbitrarily or without due process of law. For either the parent or their child, when those important property interests are threatened, you need protection. Our attorneys at Savo, Schalk, Gillespie, O’Grodnick & Fisher are here to help address your needs.

There are few law firms that specialize in this type of work and we have been publicly recognized for this work, most significantly in the $2 million verdict we obtained on behalf of a dental student against UMDNJ. This is the largest verdict ever obtained on behalf of a student in the United States. In addition, through our efforts, we have been successful in getting students re-admitted into various professional schools in multiple states including medical and graduate schools following dismissal, and re-admission into medical residency programs after dismissal. In one instance, we had more than $400,000 in student loans for a student extinguished.

We are qualified to handle matters from all levels of education from graduate school to college to high school and more. These matters are far too important and you have invested too much time and money into your education to let these things be taken away arbitrarily.

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